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(Bone Inlay) Artois Sideboard 64" W x 16" D x 36" H

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Bone Inlay Sideboards feature a decorative inlay made from thin pieces of bone, usually cow or buffalo bone, arranged in a geometric or floral pattern. The bone inlay is set into a wood or composite base to create a decorative surface on the front, sides, and sometimes even the top of the sideboard.

Bone inlay furniture is typically handcrafted and can be quite intricate and detailed, making it a unique and luxurious addition to any home. The Artois Sideboard is hearty piece of furniture with drawers and/or cabinets for storage. Sideboards are often used in dining rooms to store table linens, dishes, and other items, but they can also be used in other areas of the home such as the living room or hallway.


Dimensions: 64" W x 16" D x 36" H