Consign Furniture with Us

Perks of Consigning

Tired of trying to sell your gently-used pieces yourself, but don't want to throw out perfectly good furniture or décor? Consigning gives your items a loving new home and is a great way to sell furniture you no longer need or don’t have room for. It is also environmentally friendly and the perfect, low-stress way to rehome your goods! 

Heads Up! 🚨 We rarely accept damaged or poor-quality items. ⚠️ If there are any undisclosed damages (smells, stains, scratches, breakage, etc.) or the items are of poor quality, you'll need to promptly come and collect them at your expense. Thanks for understanding! 😊

How to Consign with Us

1. Decide

Decluttering? Moving? Redecorating? Ready to let go of the past? However groovy the item may be, Tacoma Consignment might be a great place to re-home your furniture and décor. Take your time to decide if you would like to consign your items!

2. Double Check

Make sure the items are decently cleaned and in good condition with all necessary parts. We will not accept pieces with major rips, stains, dents, or similar flaws. 

Lamps must have shades and finials, no missing screws or bolts.

3. Photograph

Photograph your item! Make sure to capture it from a few angles. We would love to see it from the front, sides, and back as well as any major or minor details that would be useful to include.

4. Fill out our online form!

Fill out this form with any additional information you can provide! Helpful information may include the brand, materials, dimensions, color, or any significant history for vintage/antique pieces. As much or as little information you can provide would be great!

5. Wait for approval, sign the contract, and drop off your items!

We are usually able to respond to all consignment inquiries within 1-3 business days. We will always email you back, whether your items are approved or not. If not, you could try again after a couple months, or check out some other consignment/donation places in the area. If it is, congrats! You will be e-mailed a consignment contract and instructions for dropping off items.

Lightweight items which do not require our assistance, and any items delivered by professional movers, may be brought to our store at 1119 Court C, Tacoma, WA 98402

Lightweight items include items such as lamps and art pieces.


Please ensure you bring sufficient help, as our staff may not be available to assist with loading items. Make sure that the party dropping off your item(s) checks in at the counter at the front of our store with your name. 

1119 Court C, Tacoma, WA 98402

Wednesday - Friday: 2:15 to 6 PM. 

Note: all items must be approved prior to arriving at our store. 

When you drop off your items (refer to our Furniture Delivery & Pick-Ups page for moving assistance recommendations), please check in at our counter. After we verify that your items have been approved, you may bring your items into our store. 



Our trained curator sets the prices for all items in the store, and we often do background research on items to make sure we are setting the most fair and accurate price possible. If you have a certain price in mind for your items, please let us know; we are happy to try and work with you! When your item sells, the final sale price is split 50/50 between you and the store.

Tacoma Consignment reserves the right to discount, place items on sale, and bargain. If an item has been in the store for some time and hasn’t seen much interest, we may ask you to take the item back, although this is fairly uncommon. You may also take back your items at any time if you change your mind about consigning!

Keeping Track of Your Consignment

If you've already consigned with us, or have gotten your items pre-approved and will be bringing them in soon, you can keep track of your items online! It's super easy to sign up for/use.
  1. Follow this link and click "register":
  2. Enter your name and email, then create a password
  3. Sign in to your new account! You will be able to see which of your items are still in stock, which have sold, the prices of all your items, and the commission you will get from a sale. It may take a day or two for your items to show up on your account, so don't worry if you don't see them right away!
NOTE: You will not be able to sign in until we have approved your account. We do our best to approve all new accounts within 1-2 days once you drop off your items.

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