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About Us

Tacoma Consignment is an upscale store for new and consigned furniture, home décor, and art! Located in the heart of downtown Tacoma near the iconic Pantages Theatre, our store features an eclectic mix of styles and products in nearly 12,000 square foot space, so you can always find something you’ll love. With items arriving every day, our store is ever fresh and changing.

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About the Owners

Mat and Lindsey fell in love and like most new couples they needed furniture. Taking Lindsey’s sister’s advice —“You’ve got to check out Ballard Consignment!”—they headed north.

Just two steps into the brick-fronted store, they spied a gorgeous seashell shaped couch. In fact, everywhere they looked they saw exciting, eclectic, modern furniture—with fantastically low prices! And who did they talk to first, but the owner himself, Joey Ghioni.

He was personable and informative, and when they couldn’t find the exact couch they wanted–the one in the showroom was turquoise–Joey took them to his warehouse and pulled out the same seashell couch in a slate blue.

Mat and Lindsey were delighted that along with the couch, they bought a thick slab dining table, two white club chairs, two leather benches, and some velvet pillows to boot.

In fact, they were so impressed with Ballad Consignment, that Mat nearly begged Joey to come open a shop in Tacoma. “Our town is perfect, absolutely ripe, for a furniture store like yours,” Mat confided. “Tacoma has nothing like it!” But Joey only smiled and said he was trying to retire (at the age of 45), and had retired once before only to be “persuaded” to come back to the shop again.

And so…a year passed. Meanwhile Lindsey, a successful children's book author, was tired of staying home with two cats for company, and so asked Mat to call Joey and tell him that “by golly, Lindsey will open the darn shop if he won’t!”

Two years later, Mat and Lindsey opened Tacoma Consignment under the tutelage of Joey Ghioni. Tacoma Consignment now offers the same exciting, eclectic, modern furniture with fantastically low prices as Ballard Consignment. And of course, Mat and Lindsey hope that everyone who visits feels that they’ve found treasure at Tacoma Consignment—treasure and maybe a little bit of love, too!

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