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Discover the perfect pieces for your home with our curated collections of interior design styles serving in the Greater Seattle area. Explore the simplicity of Japandi, the cozy charm of Farmhouse, the vibrant appeal of Retro, the classic elegance of Britannia, the bold look of Industrial, and the eclectic vibe of Bohemian. Each style offers unique furniture and decor to match your taste.

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You are cooler than cool! And you KNOW music! Of course, you have vinyls—lots of them. Your clothes are vintage, your hair a little wild. You’re a hipster, with a beat in your every step. The city is your kingdom, and you can’t get enough of the lights, the action, and the fun! You hang with the past, but your head is in the future.

Modern Farmhouse

You are the center! Like a campfire in a dark forest, your light draws people together. Your door is always open, stew bubbling on the stove, candles lit, and always you are there to welcome friends and family with kindness, love, and smiles. You are the sunshine after a storm, a belly laugh, and a floating dandelion-wish all in one.


Black is your favorite color. You don’t suffer fools, some might call you brooding, even aloof. And everyone thinks your mysterious! The night is your favorite time. A pounding drumbeat, and whining base is a lullaby to you. You come off hard, maybe even dangerous, but you are the truth-seeker, the hero, the one who knows.


You are the enigma! Two beings in one body. Deeply connected to the past, you love nothing more than sitting in a darkened room brooding over old books and good brandy. Then, the wind changes or the owl hoots, and suddenly you’re the traveler racing happily to snake infested jungles or climbing crumbling cliffs to photograph the last pygmy horse-hair anteater.


Serene and cool, you glide like water into a room.
Nature is your energy source.
Elegant, thoughtful, and far-seeing.
You are the peace bringer.


You’re rebellious, fiery, and fun!
You challenge the world but do so with a toss of your hair and a mischievous smile.
Don’t anyone ever put you in a box!
Animal lover, nature lover. You are a free spirit!

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