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Framed Poster by Yaacov Agam 23"x29"

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Yaacov Agam, (born May 11, 1928, Rishon le-Zion, Palestine) pioneer and leading exponent of optical and kinetic art, best known for his three-dimensional paintings and sculptures. Agam’s relief paintings, with their shifting, merging geometric forms, demonstrate his concern with time, movement, and viewer involvement. The viewer becomes a participant in the transformation—in a sense, the creation—of Agam’s works by moving in front of them, by rotating the works, or by manipulating various elements of the works. Examples of Agam’s works include Three Times Three Interplay (1970–71) and The Thousand Gates (1972) in the gardens of Israel’s presidential palace in Jerusalem. He also designed an enormous musical fountain situated in the Quartier de la Défense, Paris (1975), and the world’s largest menorah (32 feet [9.75 metres]) in Manhattan, New York (1977). The work was inspired by the original menorah in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem