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Epaul Julien — Dream Restored Original Artwork 21” x 28”

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Influenced by southern Louisiana, the rich tapestry of nature, and the formative experiences of growing up on a plantation, the artist draws inspiration from the illusion of history, dreams, and hallucinations that create a world felt but not readily seen.

As a master craftsman, the artist employs a diverse range of techniques. From traditional painting and mixed media to the opulence of gold leaf, the nuanced process of image transfers, the intricacy of collage, and the dynamic interplay of construction and deconstruction, these methods converge to achieve an intuitive resemblance, revealing what remains invisible to the human eye.

In a distinctive approach, the artist chooses to frame his art using 100-year-old wood sourced from houses. This unconventional material adds historical resonance to each piece, seamlessly blending the spirit of the past with contemporary expressions.

The artist's work has garnered recognition in publications such as the Sunday Times Magazine, Houston Chronicle, Greater Houston Weekly, and Louisiana Life Magazine, reaching audiences globally. With pieces housed in museums and private collections across the United States and Europe, the artist has made a lasting impact on the international art scene.